Palomar Gem and Mineral Club


The Palomar Gem and Mineral Club, a non-profit corporation open to all adults and young people, was organized to promote the study of rocks, minerals, gems, fossils and related subjects, such purpose to be developed through regular meetings with educational programs, field trips for the collection of geological specimens, and classes for teaching lapidary arts. The Palomar Gem and Mineral Club shares its knowledge of the earth sciences by sponsoring Gem and Mineral shows featuring exhibits, displays and demonstrations. The Club was founded March 20, 1954.

The Palomar Gem and Mineral Club operates a fully equipped Lapidary Workshop for the exclusive use of our club members. The shop is well equipped and is supervised by experienced lapidary crafts-persons. A small use fee is collected for each session. Please check our Classes/Workshops page or our newsletter for the latest open workshop days and times. This is also where we hold our special classes in lapidary arts and jewelry making activities. These include silversmithing, faceting, wire wrapping, and many others. The workshop is closed when classes are being held.

Share your knowledge! We need:
• educators to share rocks, minerals, and fossils with our members;
• speakers to give talks and presentations at our monthly meetings;
• writers to prepare articles, anecdotes, or just good jokes for our club bulletin;
• leaders to serve as club officers and to guide us into a vibrant future!

If you’re strong, we always need volunteers to carry heavy rocks, rock cases, and equipment. If you’re not, do you have a pick-up truck?

If you love to make jewelry or simply love to collect beautiful gems, minerals, or fossils, display them at our meetings and at our annual gem, mineral, and fossil show.

If you need rocks identified, or if you can identify rocks, come to our meetings!