The Palomar Gem and Mineral Club, a non-profit corporation open to all adults and young people, was organized to promote the study of rocks, minerals, gems, fossils and related subjects, such purpose to be developed through regular meetings with educational programs, field trips for the collection of geological specimens, and classes for teaching lapidary arts. The Palomar Gem and Mineral Club shares its knowledge of the earth sciences by sponsoring Gem and Mineral shows featuring exhibits, displays and demonstrations. The Club was founded March 20, 1954.

The Palomar Gem and Mineral Club operates a fully equipped Lapidary Workshop for the exclusive use of our club members. The shop is well equipped and is supervised by experienced lapidary craftsmen and women. A small fee is collected for each session. Please check our website or newsletter for the latest open workshop days and times. This is also where  we hold our special classes in lapidary arts and jewelry making activities. These include silversmithing, faceting, wire wrapping and many others. Please refer to our website or newsletter for a list of upcoming classes and fees. The workshop is closed when classes are being held.

September Meeting

The Gemstones of San Diego County and Pie Nite!Gene CiancanelliIn our upcoming Club General Meeting, our own Gene Ciancanelli will tell us all about pegmatite gem deposits in San Diego County! We are a world famous producer of the gemstones tourmaline, morganite, kunzite, aquamarine, topaz, and garnet. Gene’s lecture will discuss these gemstones, the local gemstone mining history, and the occurrence of the gemstones.
Gene advises that this is a black tie affair. So wear your black tie and your local gems!
And don’t forget to bring your favorite pie to share!
See ya there!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 | 7:00 pm |
Dittus Hall | Redwood Terrace | 710 West 13th Avenue | Escondido